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- Running Linux on top of L4
Latest release: 5.17
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Download L4Linux

L4Linux is available available via SVN and archive files.

To use L4Linux you need L4Re. To get the L4 programs required for L4Linux please use the l4linux_requirements and fiasco modules.

Downloading L4Linux source via read-only SVN

The read-only SVN repository is available via HTTP at https://svn.l4re.org/repos/oc/l4linux/trunk.

    svn co https://svn.l4re.org/repos/oc/l4linux/trunk l4linux

This should give you a l4linux directory.

Getting L4Linux source in archive files

Checkout the L4Re download page, the l4re-snapshot files also contain L4Linux.

Getting the RAMdisk

For experimenting and for launching L4Re with L4Linux in virtual machines, a ramdisk with basic system tools is pretty practical. Here are ramdisks for various architectures using Busybox:

Historical Notes

Older releases (linux22, linux(20)) are not available anymore, they are buried in some old backup archives. You may contact the webmaster to get access.

A RAMdisk of 16MB uncompressed with a stripped down Debian/GNU Linux Woody system is available here (5.4 MB compressed).

Demo CD

There's an experimental demo CD available, containing some of the L4 and DROPS applications including L4Linux, as well as a Debian GNU/Linux Live Filesystem for L4Linux. As of this writing, the CD is an ongoing project.

The Demo CD also contains some demonstrations for Fiasco-UX, running under Linux. This part is also available separately in the Demo-UX package.

Demo CD (uncompressed: 284MB): bz2'ed (106MB), zip'ed (118MB)
Demo UX: tar.gz (11M)

More information is available on the Demo page.

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