Operating Systems Group Dept. of CS TU-Dresden
- Running Linux on top of L4
Latest release: 5.17

Reporting problems with L4Linux

L4Linux is a complicated system. Users can configure it with many options, most of which we can not duplicate. Thus when reporting problems, include an extensive description of the symptoms, an analysis, and description of the configuration. It is hard to help for only simple bug reports which lack detailed information.

Things which need to be supplied: Fiasco version and configuration, version of your L4 tree and configuration, version of L4Linux and configuration. If you got your sources from SVN, also supply the date of the checkout. If possible, use the latest version from SVN (that's what we use). A description of your environment is also useful (which computer, which CPU etc.).

Your first contact address is the l4-hackers mailing list. Without being subscribed to the list, your posts will sent to the list moderator for approval and will take longer to reach the list. So it's recommended to subscribe.

Last modified: Thu, Mar 29 2007, 12:44