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- Running Linux on top of L4
Latest release: 6.2

Status information


The latest release of L4Linux is based on Linux 6.2. It uses L4Re as a basis and has shown to be stable to run most of the Linux applications, including Android. L4Linux supports the x86-32, x86-64 and ARM architectures, both in uni-processor and SMP configurations. Various stub drivers are provided to connect to other L4 services.

Older versions of L4Linux up to including 2.6.31 are using the obsolete L4Env as a basis.

Older L4Linux versions

The latest release of L4Linux-2.4 is based on Linux 2.4.30
It runs on V2, X2 and L4Env APIs, and supports Fiasco and L4Ka::Pistachio in various configurations.

Older ports of Linux 2.2.26 and 2.0.21 were also developed.

L4Linux-2.0, L4Linux-2.2 and L4Linux-2.4 are not maintained anymore.


L4Linux provides full binary compatibility with the original Linux kernel.


Compared to monolithic Linux, there is a small performance tradeoff because of the µ-kernel architecture. However, the initial L4Linux has been somewhat optimized, and on L4/x86 it has a very acceptable slowdown of less than 4 % for any relevant load.

For more information, please check out our papers from the papers section.

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